Over 58% of homes across the US are two stories or more, so you may very likely find yourself facing the difficulty of lifting a large mattress up a narrow stairway when moving. The average king-sized mattress is 76 inches wide and about 80 inches long. These are hefty measurements when considering the common staircase width. Familiarizing yourself with these mattress transportation techniques could help save you a substantial amount of time and physical exertion in the moving process.

1. Fold the Mattress in Half

Did you know that most modern mattress brands manufacture their king-sized varieties with flexible hinges built into the middle? These center hinges are specifically placed there to enable consumers to fold the mattress in half when relocating. Be sure that you have a sturdy rope readily available so that you can tie the mattress into place once it is successfully folded. Most experts recommend utilizing a reef knot to ensure the highest level of durability.

2. Detach Individual Steps or Treads

Sometimes just removing a step or two can provide enough additional space for a mattress to fit comfortably through a stairway. Since this can be quite a construction project, trying to pry a couple of treads loose is also another viable option. Treads are the top layer of each step, and you can often carefully pry them off without damaging the rest of the staircase. Just be sure that nobody has access to the staircase besides you in the meantime, as stairs without treads can naturally be a large safety hazard.

3. Use an Upper-Level Window as an Entryway

Many large mattresses can fit through window openings, especially if the windows are designed in the following fashions:

  • Casement windows 
  • Transom windows 
  • Bay windows 

If the window itself is not large enough for the mattress to effectively fit through, then removing the window may be in order. By prying up the siding surrounding the windowsill, you can gain access to the nails that need to be removed to loosen the structure. Most window structures can be removed in one piece, so it saves you the hassle of having to disassemble multiple units at once. If you can keep the window in acceptable condition during the removal process, then you can simply place it back into the same area after you’re finished transporting the mattress. In this case, it’s best to complete the task with others around for the added safety and support.

Utilizing these techniques can provide you with some assurance if you find yourself in a situation where transporting your mattress is a bit more difficult than you had originally thought. Most staircases sit are 36 inches wide, making them much too narrow for king-sized mattresses to get through, even when tilted on their sides. Luckily, sometimes all you need are the right tools or some creative residential movers to get the job done effectively.

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