Whether you’re moving to another unit within the same apartment complex or you’re moving to a neighborhood on the other side of town, your move will take lots of planning, time, and effort. Loading up all your possessions, cleaning your place, and making sure all the other moving day logistics are in order comes with a fair amount of stress. Have confidence tackling your relocation when you hire one of Miami’s best local moving companies to assist.

Cheap Movers Miami is a platform that helps you find the moving experts you need for less. We partner with local moving services to provide you with free moving quotes, so you can quickly compare rates and find a budget-friendly service. But we’re not just about affordability. We also think quality service from a reputable company is paramount to a positive relocation experience. That’s why we vet every mover we work with to ensure they’re licensed and legitimate.

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We work with full-service moving and storage companies who provide the following local moving services across the Miami metro area:

Apartment & Home Moving

From waterview condos in SoBe to meticulously maintained villas in Coconut Grove, our network of movers can handle residential moves of all sizes. Take the hassle out of your short distance relocation with experts who know the ins and outs of moving in the Magic City.

Commercial Moves

Whether you need to move unused office equipment into storage or you’re relocating your entire business, Cheap Movers Miami is here to help. We pair you with local office movers who are veterans at commercial relocations. Work with a professional moving coordinator to streamline your business move – from the initial planning stages until the final cubicle is put back together.

Storage Space

Many movers have on-site warehouse storage facilities that make temporary storage of your things fast and easy. Get climate-controlled, secure storage for low weekly and monthly rates.

Piano Movers

These massive instruments may produce beautiful melodies but moving them to another location isn’t such a sweet tune. Bulky while at the same time fragile, these instruments must be handled with extreme care to prevent damage. To best protect your piano during a relocation, entrust it to the qualified hands of a local Miami piano mover.

Appliance Movers

Need to move a fridge or other unwieldy home appliance that won’t fit in the trunk of your sedan? Many in-town movers handle small jobs like appliance deliveries and have the equipment and vehicle to do the job safely and quickly.

Pool Tables & Specialty Items

Find a pool table mover in Miami to service your pool table move with tear down, packing, storage, and installation services. Moving bulky items like game tables and other specialty items has never been so easy!

Packing And Unpacking

The worst part of a relocation is typically trying to figure out how to box the items lining your cupboards, cabinets, and drawers, so they won’t get broken during the move. Instead of spending hours embarking on this arduous task on your own, you can call in the experts. Pro movers and packers in Miami, FL have what it takes to get your entire household packed in less than a day. Their services also extend to helping you unpack at the end of your move.

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Tips To Jumpstart The Moving Process

Relocating from one home to another is an exciting but stressful process. In addition to packing all your belongings, you must ensure that they arrive at your new abode in a safe condition. Then, comes the hard work of unboxing and figuring out where to put everything in your new home. To ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible, here are some fantastic tips to jumpstart your move.

Start Early

Start packing your belongings at least a month before the scheduled moving dateBy giving yourself this much leeway, you’ll have an ample time to sort through everything in your home, selling or donating the items you no longer want or use. Moving companies suggest first packing items you rarely use before progressing to the more frequently, everyday use items. If you load a box or two every day, you’ll be well prepared once moving week rolls around.

Use What You Have

Moving boxes and other packing supplies aren’t cheap, so it pays to use what you already have. Cover fragile items like glassware and porcelain with sweaters and soft t-shirts instead of moving paper for increased efficiency and reduced spending on packing paper. Also, utilize suitcases, laundry baskets, and other hollowed items to cut down on the number of moving boxes you’ll require.

Choose A Moving Date

Contact your moving company of choice at least three weeks before your scheduled relocation day to ensure availability. For long distance moves, you’ll want to book your move even further in advance. Keep in mind that moving companies are in high demand on weekends, so selecting a weekday for your relocation might get you a discount. Additionally, if you are not on a tight schedule, choosing a day that doesn’t fall at the end or beginning of the month might help you score savings as well.

Schedule A Disconnection Time

When moving, you must turn off the electricity, internet, gas, and cable connections. Call in the respective companies a week ahead to ensure that everything gets shut off a day or two after your moveYou also need to make certain utilities are turned on at your new home in advance of your moving date.

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