If you are moving to an unfamiliar state, you’ll find it’s more complicated than just a move across town. An outofstate move can be overwhelming, expensive, and may lead to loss of valuables if not handled properly. Also, you might not have the experience and skills required to properly pack the items to ensure they do not get damaged on the way. As a result, some items may get lost or destroyed in transit. Another common issue with long distance moves is finding an appropriately-sized vehicle for heavy, bulky or large items that may occupy a lot of space. Some items will require more than an ordinary car to transport them to your new home.

When you hire a professional mover, you don’t have to worry about these common long-distance moving woes. Professionals are trained and experienced with every aspect of the moving process – from boxing goods and crating unique items to positioning furniture in the moving truck. They minimize or eliminate many of the stressful aspects of an interstate move, allowing you to focus on other essential parts of your relocation. If you think hiring a mover is too expensive, you don’t know until you ask around for quotes. Cheap Movers Miami helps you out by connecting you with reputable interstate moving companies in the Miami area. These movers provide free moving estimates, so you can understand your moving costs! Get free quotes now!

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Long Distance Moving Services In Miami, FL

Find long distance moving services to meet your needs from some of Miami’s top moving companies:

Furniture Movers

Whether it is for a new office or home, moving furniture is tedious and involved. Furniture may be unwieldy and heavy as well as delicate. Because of its weight, many furnishings require several people to move them from their initial location, load them into the appropriate vehicle, and ensure their safety to the new destination. A moving company will provide equipment and experienced people to lift, move and arrange the furniture in your home.

Appliance Movers

Home appliances come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some, like refrigerators, may be quite heavy, requiring special tools like dollies and straps to load them into the moving truckThe delicate components of fridges, washing machines, and dryers might also call for specialized skills in the loading of these items. A moving company with an experience crew and the right equipment makes the task of hauling or delivering your appliances a snap.

Pool Table Movers

Not only are slate pool and billiard tables weighty, they can also take up a lot of space. Their sheer size makes it necessary to disassemble these game tables prior to transport, which can take considerable time and expertise to accomplish. To move your pool table without the hassle, consider hiring a professional pool table mover in the Miami area.

Piano Moving Company

Pianos are delicate and require special packing and handling to transport safely cross-countryHiring a long distance piano mover is worth the cost to protect your valuable instrument. Professionals know the proper techniques for dismantling, wrapping, and loading a piano, so your instrument makes the journey without issue.

Residential And Household Movers

This is one of the most tedious types of interstate moves because of the volume of items that require attention. Packing an entire residence can take weeks, not to mention the hours it takes to load all the boxes and furniture on a truck and drive it across the country. A reputable mover can manage your residential move from start to finish, packing your belongings, loading them, and ensuring they have safe transport. At your new home, they can make sure things get unpacked and arranged in the appropriate rooms. With a full-service mover, you will not have a mess to clear after moving in because everything will be handled professionally.

Apartment And Condo Moving

If there’s one thing Miami has an abundance of, it’s high-rise apartment and condo buildings. Managing a move into or out of a tall residential building has it’s struggles, which is why it’s prudent to hire a moving company to do it for you. Pro Miami apartment movers have the licensing and proof of insurance required by most buildings, and the expertise needed to make your move seamless. 

Commercial Movers

You likely have excellent reasons for moving your business out-of-state, but that doesn’t make the relocation easier. Just as with a residential move, an office relocation requires lots of planning and forethought. Work with a professional mover to plan every aspect of your move and minimize the impact to your business’ financials.


Most long distance movers also offer their clients temporary storage space, which comes in handy if you haven’t yet finalized the contract on your new house or figured out where you’re living. Hire a full-service mover to pack and pick up your items, transport to them to storage, then deliver to your new home out-of-state when you finally have the details nailed down.

Packing And Unpacking

Loading everything into boxes often takes longer than you might think and getting everything unpacked at your new home can be incredibly overwhelming. Get help from movers and packers in Miami who reduce the effort required of you when packing and unpacking your house.

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Cross-Country Mover Tips

Here are some sage long distance moving tips to reduce the stress involved with your upcoming move.

Shop Around

The type of moving company you choose depends on the type of goods to be moved and any special care they require in transit. For instance, heavy and bulky machinery may not be transported in ordinary vans but rather in special trucks that can handle the weight and size of the items. When you check out different moving companies through Cheap Movers Miami, you can compare the range of services they offer, costs, terms, and conditions. This will help you make an informed choice.

Check The Moving Company’s Reputation

Realize that not all moving companies have interstate moving experience. Some may be good at offering local services but when it comes to interstate and more complex moving needs, they may not have the experience or capacity to handle the work. Talk to people who have recently used a longdistance movermake note of the companies they used and their overall experience. Reputable moving companies will even allow you to talk to their clients to get a feel for their services.

Acknowledge The Size Of The New Space

Note that your new home or business premises may be smaller or larger than the current one. It’s essential to have the correct measurements for the new space to decide whether the items you’re moving will fit in your new space. For instance, if you have king sized beds, the new house may have smaller bedrooms that do not accommodate them. Consider the change in scenery as an opportunity to declutter and give away all the items you do not need. Unnecessary baggage will only raise the moving cost and leave you frustrated as you try to settle into your new home. Also, consider if disposing of some items and buying new ones at your destination is cheaper than transporting them.

Check The Legal Moving Requirements For The New State

States have different requirements for goods passing through or being delivered into the state. Understand well all the requirements and get the necessary paperwork ready for transit. You may have to pay duty for some items before they are allowed into your new state of residence. An experienced moving company will advise you on how to go tackle all the issues that may arise.

Label The Items

This step is especially important when moving household items. Have the items packed in different boxes and labeled according to their type and importance. There are items you may need immediately you get to the new location such as utensils and foodstuffs. If you have no idea where they are, it will take a lot of time trying to figure out which box is the right one.

Purchase Insurance

Goods may get damaged or lost in transit. To ensure you do not totally lose out, it is advisable to get moving insurance. Available through any legitimate interstate carrier, this type of insurance reimburses you case you lose some items or anything gets damaged during handling or transport.

A moving company can make the moving experience less stressful, more convenient and fast. The most critical point is choosing a reputable, highly experienced and dependable company that will not only move the goods but will offer extra services such as providing the packing materials and unpacking the items once they arrive at the new destination. To shop around on rates from the best movers near you, contact Cheap Movers Miami today!

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