If you’re looking to plan an office move, you have a lot more to consider than your own interests. Your customers, employees, and potentially your shareholders are depending on you to implement as smooth a transition as possible so that your people can hit the ground running at their new space. During the relocation, it’s imperative that your company can continue doing what it does without any unnecessary interruptions in how you do business. Hiring a moving company in Miami can ensure that your transition happens more smoothly, and it allows you to focus on the logistics of running your business rather than overseeing the details of your move. Cheap Movers Miami lets you compare rates from local, licensed commercial moving companies. These movers are ready to get you moved at an affordable rate!

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Commercial Moving Services In Miami, FL

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Local Moves

The logistics behind a corporate relocation can be difficult, even if you’re just looking to move to an office across the street. Time is money, and you’ll want to minimize how long your workers are idle for lack of office space. We can connect you with a local moving in Miami that will be cognizant of your practical needs and dedicated to taking your unique considerations to task.

Long Distance Moves

Moving to South Florida from another state brings a whole slew of complications. If you want to minimize the time spent on packing, unpacking, and transporting the components of your office, a quality moving company is a critical resource. The moving companies at Cheap Movers Miami are fully licensed and insured. They have the tools and experience to expedite the relocation process, so your team can hit the ground running in their new office space.

Commercial Storage

If you’re moving to a new office space, there’s a chance you aren’t looking to bring everything with you in one trip. Whether you’re looking to prepare old items for auction or sale, set aside some equipment for a rainy day, or stow away non-essential assets for a staggered move, we can help you find a storage facility in Miami that’s secure, with solutions scaled to your specific demands.

Specialty Moves

Whether you’re the manager of a complex research facility or a modest pizzeria, you know that a craftsman is only as good as his tools. That’s why we’ve partnered with a selection of moving companies who are equipped with all the tools they need to stage a specialty relocation. They’re ready to sit down with you to discuss the unique circumstances of your move. Together, you can come up with a plan focused on getting specialized equipement safely to your new commercial or retail facility.

Corporate Relocations

Getting all your furniture, infrastructure, and equipment situated at your new office is important, but the most valuable resource of any business is its employees. When you use Cheap Movers Miami to coordinate a corporate relocation, you and the people who work for you have nothing to worry about. The Miami moving companies we do business with are experienced, committed, and knowledgeable, and they can scale their services to match companies of any size or nature.

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How To Simplify Your Office Move

Uprooting your business and moving it to a new office is a complicated process. The more time spent on your relocation, the less time your employees have to work to the breadth of their capabilities. Hiring a moving company through Cheap Movers Miami can help expedite the process significantly. However, there are several measures you can take to further improve the efficiency of your Miami move.

Prioritize Your Essentials

Relocating a larger office may be a long process, but your team doesn’t need to sit out work for a few days while your moving crew does their job. Figure out what items and equipment are most integral to your operations, so you can make sure that they’re the first things set up in your new space. You should try to make these essential items the last ones packed in your old office and the first to unpacked at your new one. That way your employees can get back to work faster, and your moving company can get their job done at the appropriate pace.

Good Bookkeeping Can Go A Long Way

We recommend that residential moving customers label all the boxes to match the rooms in their home, but an office move can benefit from a more robust organization system. Numbering all your boxes, mapping these numbers to the floor plan of your new office, and backing them up with a full inventory list may take a little longer, but it can go a long way towards avoiding confusion when you start setting up your new space.

Do Recon Ahead Of Time

You may have everything packed and ready to go, but is your new office in good working order? Before you move anything in, perform a full walk through of the space in search of any problematic issues like missing bulbs, faulty wiring, or plumbing leaks. You’ll also want to speak with the building manager to determine any protocol they have for new tenants moving in and plot the best route of entry for your moving crew.


Running a business efficiently means trusting every link in the chain. That sentiment applies to your move just as much as it does to your day-to-day affairs. Assign each department head the task of putting together the inventory and packing process for their department. Their specialized knowledge will allow your new office to get set up faster and let you focus more squarely on the big picture.

This same philosophy applies to coordinating with your moving crew. Having one or two managers on hand to supervise the process is a sensible decision. However, having too many workers on the premises can just create unnecessary complications for your relocation experts.

Trust In Your IT Team

Many businesses rely on their internet and phone networks to work effectively. That’s why coordinating closely with your IT team is critical. Take the time to discuss the parameters of moving your infrastructure with them, and make sure they have the resources they need to put everything in its proper place.

By following these steps, you’ll well on your way to a successful move! To shop rates on commercial moving companies in Miami, just give us a ring.

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