If you’re looking to move to a new home in Miami, it’s not just as simple as stuffing everything in boxes and getting on your way. If you want the move to happen at a reasonable rate, you’ll probably have to recruit a small army of friends and family to help. Then there’s figuring how you’ll move everything in the first place. Using a small convoy of vehicles requires coordination and lots of gas, while renting your own box truck comes with hidden fees and the potential for driving mishapsOn top of all that, there’s boxing all your possessions and labeling them, so you’ll know where they need to go in the new place. On moving day, you also must figure out the logistics of carrying all your heavy boxes and furniture. Of course, you could always hire a moving company. Cheap Movers Miami offers a directory of some of the best relocation specialists in the Miami area. We pride ourselves on matching our consumers with quality services that are offered at some of the cheapest rates around.

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Moving Services From Miami’s Best Moving Companies

We’re proud of the diversity of services that our moving partners offer. Regardless of the circumstances behind your move, we’re ready to help you find a high-quality moving company matched to your individual demands.

Full-Service Moves

You may think of movers as the guys who carry your heavy boxes to and from the truck, but they’re ready to assist you with a lot more than that. Full-service moves cover the whole process from start to finish. All you must do is provide some guidance on what gets packed and where precisely you want it to go. From there, they’ll coordinate the packing and make sure it’s set up to your specifications.

Hourly Moves

If you’re moving locally, hourly moving rates are the most sensible option around. But just because you pay by the hour doesn’t mean they’ll drag their feet. All our partners are committed to providing the best service around.


You don’t have to go it alone on your next apartment relocation. Our network of fully licensed and insured movers is also highly experienced and outfitted with the equipment to help you move everything from boxes to furniture to modern appliances. Your new Miami apartment will be set up in no time.


Get settled into your new Miami home with one of our dependable moving companies. They’ll arrive at your old place eager and ready to tackle the task at hand, and you can rest easy knowing that your possessions will be handled with the utmost level of respect and care.

House Moves

What does it take to turn a house into a home? Your furniture, appliances, and memories are certainly a good start. When you let a moving company from Cheap Movers Miami assist you, you can focus on your interior design and let them deal with the details.

Packing & Wrapping

Carrying your possessions, boxes, and appliances may be the bigger feat of physical labor, but securely packing all your belongings can be even more time intensive. Our movers understand that there’s a science to the process, and they’ll judiciously pack up everything in the safest and most efficient way.


There’s no piano too big or too small for the moving companies at Cheap Movers Miami to handle. They understand properly moving a piano is a delicate affair, and they won’t take any chances.


Your move is ultimately about getting everything from point A to point B, but what seems simple on the surface can turn out to be a logistical nightmare. We’ll help you find movers who can oversee the loading and unloading during your move efficiently.

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