There are many reasons why a Miami area resident might find it necessary to rent storage space. If you don’t have a lot of space in your apartment or home, a storage space can free up your living space. If you have a lot of clutter but you don’t want to get rid of any of your possessions, a storage space can help you to keep your stuff without it consuming your home. In a lot of cases, people just want a temporary storage space while they’re in the process of movingWhatever the scenario, it’s ideal to rent a storage space provided by a moving company.

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Clean Storage Space For Less

You might be surprised at just how much renting temporary storage space can improve and simplify your move. Having storage space handy makes it easier for you to keep your relocation organizedHere are some other advantages to renting a storage unit:

Storage Facilities Are Kept Clean

Your own attic or garage space might be too dusty or debris-filled for storing some of your most valuable possessions. On the other hand, a storage unit is kept clean because storage facilities owned by moving companies are regularly maintained and cleaned to protect the possessions of the customers.

Storage Facilities Have Good Security

You can rest assured that your most prized belongings will be protected if you keep them in a storage unit. Security is likely a high priority to your moving company. Most companies have on-site security monitoring, plus video cameras and locks to ensure your things are secure from vandals and burglars.

Storage Facilities Allow You To Access Your Stuff At Any Time

Don’t assume that you will only be able to go to your unit during business hours. A lot of storage facilities will offer around the clock access so that you can get your stuff whenever you want.

Storage Facilities Offer Cheap Rental Prices

You’ll be surprised at just how affordable a rental storage unit can be, especially when you work with a mover. In fact, you may find that the space you rent at a storage facility is less expensive per month according to the amount of space than the apartment or home rental you live in.

Storage Facilities Can Rent You Units Of A Variety Of Different Sizes

You’re not limited to one size unit. Different storage unit renters have different needs, and storage facilities accommodate those needs. You can choose a unit that’s just right for the stuff that you need to have stored.

You can store just about anything in a storage unit. Whether you need to store documents, furniture, office equipment, or even wine or artwork, you can find storage facility equipped to handle your unique needs. If you’re interested in renting a storage unit from a moving company in Miami, contact us to learn more.

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Advice On Packing Your Storage Unit

Storage units are wonderful. You can store items you need without cluttering up your home space, or you can temporarily store your belongings during the relocation process. If you follow an orderly plan, packing your storage unit isn’t that difficultHere are some top tips.

Make A List

First and foremost, you must consider what you will store. There are two reasons for this. One, you will need to calculate about how much space you need. You don’t want to pay for more space than necessary, but you also don’t want a space that is too small. Make a list of what you will store. Then either consult with the staff at your prospective storage unit business or your moving company to get an expert option.

Consider What’s Worth Storing

The other reason you will need a list of items is so you can consider the value of your inventory versus the cost of storage. After all, it doesn’t make much sense to store a large $25 item for a year at a cost of many hundreds of dollars or more. Carefully consider the future use for all items you are storing and be sure they’re worth it. Of course, this doesn’t apply to items of great family or sentimental value. Try to sell or donate any unwanted items. They will just take up valuable space without being worth what it costs to store them.

Prepare The Unit

Next, get some clean cardboard, or better yet, wooden pallets, to line your storage room floor. This step will keep your items safe and clean. Do not store hazardous materials, such as gasoline, in your unit. Bring a sturdy stepladder and powerful flashlight and plan to leave them there. Even with lighting, those corners can get dark.

Think Up

Storage spaces are usually at least eight feet tall. You will need to utilize your vertical space as much as possible. Keep these thoughts in mind as well:

  • Make use of all available space, such as dresser drawers.
  • Make sure stored refrigerator doors are left slightly open. Mold can easily grow in a closed unused refrigerator.
  • Purchase only two box sizes. These will be easy to stack.
  • Wrap mirrors in blankets and stand upright.
  • Figure out ways to make large items smaller, such as dismantling them and storing the pieces if possible.
  • Don’t store items in plastic. It invites mildew.
  • Use wardrobe boxes to store clothing. Use bubble wrap to protect fragile items before placing them in boxes.
  • Clearly mark each box so that it can be easily read even from floor level.

Keep It Accessible

Arrange your items so that you have a center aisle at least a foot or two wide. You will likely need to retrieve items at some point, and you will need easy access to these items. An aisle will save you tons of time by eliminating the need to pull out boxes just to find something.

Make An Inventory

Last, make a comprehensive list of exactly what is in the unit. A little simple map would be a good idea, too.

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