A move is rarely a simple affair, and even if you hire a moving company to oversee the relocation process, chances are you may have to pack up all your belongings yourself. Efficiency is key here, as you need to make the most of the space available to avoid unnecessary trips and keep a careful eye on your more fragile belongings. There are several different boxes that you can acquire to make this process more painless.

1. Traditional Moving Boxes

These cardboard boxes will serve as the main component in any move due to their versatility and simplicity. But traditional moving boxes aren’t a one size fits all affair and knowing the right materials to put in each is important. As a rule of thumb, you want to make sure that the items in each box decrease in weight the larger the box gets.

  • Small boxes are often known in the business as book boxes, because they’re ideal for transporting smaller but heavier objects effectively. Despite the name, they’re also useful for moving other small but weighty items like records, canned goods, and appliances. 
  • Medium boxes are the lynch pin general utility box. Roughly three cubic feet in size, they can hold everything from toys to kitchenware to whatever you have stored under your bathroom sink.
  • Large boxes are great for bulkier but lighter weight materials like your bedding. Keep in mind that larger boxes tend to be more expensive, so try to be judicious in how you pack your goods.

2. Corrugated Cartons

Corrugated cardboard is sturdier than traditional cardboard, and that makes it ideal for transporting your smaller but more fragile belongings. Many of these come with the added protection of dividers, so it’s great for moving delicate glassware and china. Just be careful to pack everything sensibly to avoid breakage during the relocation process. These are also known in the industry as dish packs.

3. Mattress Boxes

Moving a mattress and box spring can be one of the biggest hassles during a move because they’re heavy and unwieldy. Mattress boxes come in sizes accommodating to every type of mattress and are designed to protect the place where you sleep during the moving process. Many come with handles to facilitate the process.

4. Wardrobe Boxes

If you’re worried about your clothing becoming wrinkled during the moving process, wardrobe boxes offer the perfect solution. They come with a rod to hang items, so you can easily transfer your clothing from your old closet to your new one without reorganizing.

5. Mirror Boxes

Mirrors are one of the most delicate items you can move, and mirror boxes are designed to snugly suit the size and shape of a mirror and minimize the risk of cracking. They’re also a sensible choice for moving pieces of art.

6. Custom Crates

While most individuals won’t have to rely on specially crafted crates, some valuables deserve an especially careful touch when moving. If you have awkwardly sized and valuable belongings like sculptures or chandeliers, it may behoove you to have a crate tailor made to your needs.

7. Plastic Bins

Plastic bins can serve as an attractive means to store your belongings even once you get them home, and the handles included on many of them mean they can be easier to carry. Just keep in mind that their shape means they aren’t always as effective for moving your belongings, and they can be significantly pricier than cardboard boxes.

These are just some of the specialty moving boxes professional movers and packers Miami use to safely box your items for transport. To get affordable help with your upcoming move, be sure to give us a call! We’ll connect you with some of the best movers in the area who offer low rates on relocation services.

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