Whether you were moving long distance or locally, hunting for an apartment used to be an ordeal. It meant scouring classified ads and dubious Craigslist listings; and if you’re really set on finding the best value for your dollar, really parsing the listings could mean putting together spreadsheets that would put a CPA to shame. Fortunately, technology has made things significantly easier. There’s are several apps you can use to improve the efficiency of your search when you’re looking for a new apartment in the Miami or Fort Lauderdale are. Here are some of the best. All these apps are completely free to use and available though both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

1. Zillow Rentals

When Zillow got its start in 2006, it brought with it the pedigree of experienced professionals who cut their teeth at Microsoft and Expedia. The Zillow app is what you might expect from one of the leading apartment hunting companies in the business. Robust search and filtering options allow you to narrow down your search according to the specific pricing and amenities that matter to you, and Zillow’s vast selection of listings is hard to beat.

2. Trulia

As a member of the same branding partnership as Zillow, Trulia has access to an equally deep bench of potential rental properties, but it separates itself from its sister company through a one-click feature. This feature allows any prospective renter to get directly in touch with a property manager without having to hunt for a phone number or fill out an online form for every single property that interests them.

3. Apartments.com

Apartments.com was one of the first companies to recognize the power of the internet to expedite the apartment hunting process, and it’s had over two decades to perfect its technology and expand the selection of listings. This app’s claim to fame is the map feature, which allows you to get a bird’s eye view of all the listings within your price range. It’s a great choice if you know the neighborhoods in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area that interest you.

4. Zumper

If you’re willing to wait for the perfect apartment, Zumper has you covered. You can set your apartment preferences, and when a new listing becomes available that meets your criteria, they’ll send you an automatic notification. A partnership with Experian means they can even provide you with your credit report to help speed up the rental application process.

5. Realtor.com

Realtor.com‘s rental app combines some of the best features offered by other services. A one tap function allows you to directly contact the leasing agent for a rental, and they offer automatic alerts when new listings become available. They can also provide you immediately with driving directions for the listings that interest you, a huge boon if you’re looking to visit multiple locations in a single afternoon. Just keep in mind that they work directly with listing agents, so you’re likely to miss out on properties that are rented by owner.

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