While Miami may have a reputation as a party city, it’s a whole lot more than that. The rich blend of cultures has created a vibrant mix of communities, and this has lead to a diverse selection of neighborhoods suitable for just about any person. If you’re looking to move to Miami, here’s some of the best neighborhoods in which to live.

South Beach

If your mental image of Miami recalls colorful and anachronistic buildings, you’re probably thinking of South Beach. This neighborhood was the hub of art deco design for Miami, and it remains one of the hippest places to live, work, and play. Its location on the barrier island creates a neighborhood with an especially high concentration of beaches, and its arrangement of hip shops, clubs, and restaurants can be conveniently navigated on foot.

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove in the 1960s was a haven for the counterculture movement and a refuge for hippies, eccentrics, and artists of various stripes. While the neighborhood has mellowed out some since then, it still holds on to its eclectic charm. Coconut Grove tends to cut along the waterfront, providing a scenic vista for checking out the boutiques, juice bars, and cafes that dot the neighborhood, and a winding selection of bike paths make it a great neighborhood for the ecologically conscious urban explorer.

Coral Gables

Coral Gables has a stately reputation. This neighborhood has long been associated with Miami’s upper crust, and it serves as a home to both old money legacies and residents whose riches are more newly acquired. While it’s Spanish-style estates can be on the pricier side of things, there are still plenty of more affordable houses, and the neighborhood has become a popular spot for students at the nearby University of Miami. Coral Gables’ small commercial district is overflowing with some great local boutiques and restaurants.


The young, up-and-coming neighborhood of Brickell has earned a designation as the “Manhattan of the South”. While it’s not the cheapest neighborhood around, this dense neighborhood is thick with skyscrapers. As both a cultural and business center for Miami, Brickell allows you to live, work, and play seamlessly without even having to own a car. It’s also the city’s financial hub, and it’s a neighborhood to which young professionals flock in droves. And this bank district’s streets are especially well lit, making it safe even in the latest hours of night.

Key Biscayne

Things move a little slower in Key Biscayne, but the residents like it that way. This neighborhood is actually a barrier island, and it’s known for both its natural beauty and its high population of seniors and retirees. But it’s suitable for anyone who enjoys a peaceful and quiet neighborhood still in reach of urban amenities. Numerous bike trails and resorts make it a great place to relax, while the schools are all top notch. It’s also wedged right between two of the most gorgeous state parks in South Florida.

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