If you are considering a move of any kind, you might need a storage unit to hold your belongings for a while. Packing a storage unit can be your worst nightmare if you don’t know what you are doing or how to store things in the most efficient way. Knowing how to properly pack a self-storage unit with boxes and furniture will help make the move easier, and you will feel more in control when you know where all your things are.

Here are five tips from our Miami moving and storage friends for packing a self-storage unit with boxes and furniture.

1. Organization Is Key

When moving your things to a new location, it is easy to lose track of things and feel unorganized about where everything is. Before packing up a box, make a list of the items in the box and slip it inside. This will let you know exactly what is in each box without having to dig through to find everything. Also labeling your boxes on the outside with the contents and room information will ultimately also save you time as you unpack.

2. Do Not Waste Any Space

As you pack your boxes, make sure you are packing them as full as they can be to save space. Divide up your heavy items and try to avoid putting all your heavy things in the same box as this will demand a lot more energy and strength when you are moving the boxes around. As you pack, put the heaviest items on the bottom of the box and put the lighter things on top and make sure they aren’t too heavy for you to carry. Also, stack boxes according to weight, with heavy boxes on the bottom of the pile and lighter boxes on top.

3. Protect Your Breakable Items

Your breakable items need to be protected at all times while they are in transit. If you are stacking plates or other dishes, be sure to place a barrier between them so they do not rattle and crack while you are in the process of moving. If anything is in a box that might break, label the outside “Fragile” so the people handling, whether that’s you or the movers, will know to take extra care.

4. Only Use Two Sizes of Boxes

Using multiple sized boxes will make it very difficult if you are stacking them in your storage unit. If you have two sizes, you can place the bigger ones on the bottom and the smaller ones on top. This method will keep your boxes from falling over and potentially breaking while they are in storage.

5. Put Palettes on The Ground

Placing a layer of palettes on the ground beneath all your belongings will prevent rats or other unwanted pests from getting into all your things. This step can also prevent water from seeping into your boxes and causing mold or mildew damage. It is also suggested that you thoroughly clean your storage unit before you bring in all your things. The cleaner it is to begin with, the less likely you are to have any issues with pests.

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